"Write 5-35 New Life Policies Within The Next 30 Days"

(A Letter Addressed To Serious Life Insurance Producers:)


Focusing On Number of Leads or Your Cost Per Lead? Think Again...

From the desk of:

Dalton Sim

Founder at ScaleSpin.io


If I had a dollar for every time a life producer said to me:

"I know I can close. I just need to get in front of people..."

Stuck In The "Life Insurance Agent Rat Race"?

Are you a producer who's stuck in the Life Insurance Agent Rat Race?

No consistent, reliable system to generate new, serious buyers on demand who turn into written policies.

Fighting to not be 90% that drop out under a year.

Working nights and weekends, with no time for yourself, your family, or the things you love.

Burnt by marketing gurus and lead vendors with no system that made sense or way to lower your risk.

Hoping the referral stream doesn't dry up.

And definitely not experiencing the life of freedom and passive income you were told was achievable when you got licensed.

You sometimes even wonder about the dreadful irony of it all -

That you help families achieve financial security and peace of mind while you are constantly in crisis mode yourself.

There is a way out.

Remember - the top 10%, 1%, even 0.01% of producers were where you are at some point.

What do they do differently?

How do they THINK differently?

The Price You Pay For Leads Is Absolutely Irrelevant

You might think that your biggest issue is the number of leads.

You might even think that it's the cost of your leads.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

If you think that good leads are expensive...

Wait until you try spending money on bad ones.

(You might as well set your money on fire.)

Here is why most people have given up on buying leads.

Here is why many have even concluded that lead generation "is dead"

Or "just doesn't work anymore"...

And they try more organic forms of prospecting...

Such as producing content, social media outreach, even SEO.

Those are great channels, but they take months, years,

Maybe even decades to show results.

Lead generation is not dead.

Your biggest issue - hands down -

The Top Seven Issues With Life Policy Leads

...And How To Fix Each One Of Them

...Is Lead QUALITY.

Is it okay if I share what we've seen are the seven biggest issues that with life policy leads?

The things that are killing your opportunity generation...

Making you work hard but not work smart...

And how to solve them?

The top issues are leads that:


Have ABSOLUTELY NO desire to speak with you or interest in your offer


Were potential clients days, weeks, maybe months ago


Are also sold to hundreds of other competitors


Never pick up the phone and are impossible to get a hold of


Book a call or appointment with you and simply decide not to show up


Book a call or appointment and innocently forget to show up (you know it happens)


You do get a hold of and realize there is ZERO fit (They're already in hospital or the nursing home)

Sound familiar?

What you need to do is...

“If you do what everyone else does,

you’ll get what everyone else gets”

- Stephen Richards

...Tackle these issues SPECIFICALLY, one by one -

(1) Find leads that are warm or high-intent in the first place, who raise their hand, as opposed to you cold interrupting their day

(2) Always opt for real-time leads as opposed to bulk buys

(3) Ensure exclusivity to you for the leads obtained, via your model or your vendor

(4) If possible, call the leads within 5-15 minutes of them opting in for best results and capturing peak interest

(5) Send follow-ups with value, teasers and conversation starters

(6) Send reminders using a multi-channel approach

(7) Qualify your leads in advance so you can prioritize

Make sense so far?

I have one more quick question:


The "Show-Up-And-Write" System

That Could Rescue Hundreds of Agents, Their Production, And Their Families

Referrals Alone Will Not Get You There...

What if we had a system that could solve all this and more?

Best part is...

You won't even need to lift a finger for any of it to happen.

You just do what you do best.

Which is why we've called it the Show-Up-And-Write system.

We want to partner with producers that know they’re not at full potential.

Help you get your back and focus on what truly matters...

REMIND YOURSELF why you got licensed in the first place.

What it means for you, your business, and your family.

And help you achieve your big, hairy, audacious production goals in double-quick time.

I'm thinking 5, 15 maybe even 35 new clients within the next 30 days.

Wait until we talk about what happens from month #2...

We Meet Our Guarantees Or 100% Of Your Money Back + WE PAY $500

Burnt by too many self-styled marketing 'gurus'?

Had one too many training or coaching programs that left you with nothing but vague tips and a hole in your pocket?

We completely understand.

That's why we put our money where our mouth is and GUARANTEE platinum-quality policy opportunities.

And if we fail to hit our monthly minimums, we work for free that month.

In fact, we almost double our guarantee in the first month, failing which -

We'll refund you every cent you paid us...

And we'll even PAY YOU $500 just for wasting your time.

But here's the thing:

Take 90 Seconds To See If You Qualify:

We can only work with the first life producer per area who applies and qualifies.

I get it - you think we're making up fake scarcity.

Look, we’re not a big corporation.

We don't have teams and teams of people.

We’re business owners, just like you.

We solve a need if we can help, and we do what’s best for ourselves and our families.

If you're the same...

We only want to work with producers who are as serious about investing in their growth as we are about investing in YOU.

No worries if you've "heard this all before" and think we are full of it.


But if you made it this far...and are still listening...

And want to start focusing on what really moves the needle for your production,

Hop on over and fill in this quick quiz to see if you qualify.

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