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Head of Opportunities


Head of Relationship Acquisition


Head of Campaign Build


Head of Client Success


Head of Optimisation

We make prospecting human again.

"The world is drowning in information but starving for wisdom"

- Tony Robbins

When we ran specialized email marketing:

What clients had to say about our team:

Jessie W.

"[They] did a great job. My sales were boosted in less than 48hours...and I believe more sales are coming."

Sales went from 1,000 to 2,000 units

Rick S.

"Your email was so impressive. I forwarded it to our CEO straight away."

Rick closed a $280K long-term recruitment contract

David D.

"I am not usually one to respond to emails from people I don't know...I was amazed how valuable it was. Thanks, and let me know when you release new resources.

David closed a $50K consulting contract

Brooke O.

"Can't tell you how amazing it is to receive a series of 4 emails that don't need a single edit by me before going live. [They] took a task that had been sitting on my plate for 8+months and delivered something wonderful in <4 days. Will absolutely hire again.

Megan K.

"Simply outstanding delivery...With the exception of minor, minor edits, the emails were far more engaging than I could ever imagine/create. After reading the [emails], I was ready to buy my own product. LOL! Purchase without hesitation, you will not be disappointed.

Gina J.

"I had to subscribe; I couldn't stand the thought of missing out on that."

Gina's database grew +380% in 8 weeks

>>$5 million

Revenue closed via email campaigns alone

Up to 200%

Increase in sales


Open rates (2X-4X Industry Average)


Reply Rates

Up to 2,000%

Return on advertising spend


Client satisfaction...and repeat business

When we ran LinkedIn B2B lead generation:

D.H. - Founder of a consulting business targeting SaaS companies

  • Started from scratch with no background in consulting or SaaS
  • Rolled out brand new service offering
  • Launched in the thick of a global pandemic
  • Only 20-25 total human hours spent per week
  • Zero dollars on paid advertising
  • Leads generated entirely on autopilot (100% done-for-you)


New LinkedIn Connections in 35 Days


Appointments Taken (Not Booked)


Quality Prospects (CEOs/Decision Makers)

25 Days

From Start of Campaign to $10K Deal Closed

When we ran opportunity generation & nurture via Facebook ads:

R.K. - CEO of a service business targeting life insurance & final expense agents in the U.S.

What was involved:

  • Leads generated through Facebook ads
  • FB ad creative, copy, split testing done without client lifting a finger
  • FB ad campaign setup & daily optimization
  • Appointments booked directly on calendar
  • Automated SMS and email sequences to start conversations, send reminders and follow-up

What happened in four weeks:

  • Campaign ran for two weeks
  • Average $36/lead (each client worth $1,897/mo)
  • Averaged 20 appointments per week
  • First client closed in 9 days (except the prospect's credit card bounced...) but closed 2 deposits two weeks later
  • Made 10 demonstration pitches
  • Another 9 demos booked
  • Four downsell programmes lined up to close the week after

When we ran YouTube video ad campaign builds & management

Our foundation: An expert partner network with combined decades of experience in running YouTube ads

Example #1: R.A. (North Yorkshire)

Coach to Senior Corporate Leaders

Founder - Monthly Subscription Product

Three weeks after launch (Jan 2021)

~6K video views

>65K impressions

517 clicks to landing page

CTR 5.5X Industry Average ("IndAvg") since 21 Jan 2021

Example #2: S.D. (London/Birmingham)


Transformation Coach

72 Hours after launch:

>200 video views.

Cost-per-View (“CPV”) 20% better than IndAvg

>1.5K impressions (essentially free)

View rate 60% better than IndAvg

Click rate 20% better than IndAvg

Ad budget spent £13


London, United Kingdom

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